Storage Boxes
Honeycomb flooring

Honeycomb Composite Fooring $490
Upgrade float flooring to a one-piece 30mm composite honeycomb fibreglass flooring system, This composite flooring system is stronger than Hardwood with less than 50% the weight, it is also 100% rot proof and water proof

Front or side mounted storage boxes can be added to your float.

$350-550 depending on size.

Beds $150 each
These can be added to both angle and straight load. The pads make up part of the dividers when down and then lift in position and are held by pins.
Weight load is aprox 150kg per bed.


Special design paint $350

Our floats come standard with white roof and sides and a colour of your choice at the bottom or in middle.

If you would like wave design, painted roof, stripes etc these is considered Special Design Paint.

Special Design Paint


If you are after a certain option not listed here please contact us to ask!